Beautify your ivy

ivy plant hoop trelis cirle
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A few years ago, I spent $3.99 on a 4 inch pot of ivy. Why? I like ivy.

I let it grow. About two years ago, it outgrew its pot, so I moved it to a new one. However, as time passed, my ivy became unruly. I wanted to build a trellis for it because it started to drive me crazy that it just looked like a big mess!

ivy plant trelis circle hoop

Here’s what I did. I got a hoop and four additional pieces of wire. Using electrical tape, I taped the wire onto the hoop, making “legs” that I could stick into the soil of my ivy.

From there, it was just all about twisting the ivy onto the hoop. I love the end result! I think it’s a lot cleaner and nicer. It didn’t take much time at all. I think my $3.99 investment is going to live happily in the Gades’ house for years to come.

train ivy hoop shape trelis