Welcome to our life!

If you’re seeing this, you found my first blog post ever! Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to read.

Let me get something out first. I never liked writing. I’m a numbers-oriented person and I never enjoyed the art of pouring out my heart onto paper. Even at school, I learned a nice “formula” for writing essays, and followed that religiously throughout my education. It worked perfectly for me. I was one of those young girls who could never keep a journal. I love stationary, so I would buy beautiful journals, notebooks, etc., and then leave them empty, writing maybe the initial post.

So, why I am now starting a blog, you would ask? I’ve been thinking about it long and hard. It almost feels like our life is going through a major change. I might be just getting old, but I am in great need of rethinking my prior decisions, of de-cluttering my life, literally and philosophically, and of simplifying my surroundings.

In the last two years, our lives at the Gades’ home have drastically changed. We were blessed to welcome a beautiful daughter! This simple fact made me re-think everything we were doing and every aspect of life. The focus has shifted, the priorities have changes, and nothing appears the same as before.

In a way, I feel as though I need to document those upcoming changes for my own future reference. I would also love to share my story with others, and if any piece of it resonates with you, I will live knowing that I have not only changed my life but possibly improve others’. So, welcome to our home! Welcome to our life! I hope you’re moving in for good!